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Testimonials encourages customer feedback on the purchase and use of the Speedflip, which can also be used to further improve its design and operation. Although testimonials of a customer's use are encouraged, cannot be held accountable for the product's usage and the information of such provided. can only monitor testimonials to ensure no foul language, racism, sexism, hate, or other intoleration are not posted.


this device has saved me a fortune in tolls and speeding tickets


Hi Bobby just to let you know I received my flip plate on thursday and fitted it on Friday.

I am well pleased what a superb and well put together product, I decided rather wire it up to ignition, I

would wire it to the taillight harness.

I hope these comments may be useful to any potential Hayabusa customers you have, Once again

many thanks for a brilliant service from start to finish.

Paul From Australia

Mate if it works at 140kmh on the front of my truck ill buy 3 more and be mad keen to sell more for you over here in Australia, because im sick of the infra red cameras we have over here tracking us.


Got a Speedflip on my car it only took 15min to fit i have fitted some neon lights behind it when it's flipped open the neon's light up



I fitted one to my bike and its brilliant i just flick the switch and me number plate flips down, flick it again and it flips back to legal position, i have also fitted one to my car.

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